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13th-Sep-2009 05:03 pm - Oh lookie here~
Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH

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My Result: Kai
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You are the drummer, Kai!
You are sweet, caring, and the "mother" of the band.  You make sure that the people who are very dear to you are happy and will do whatever you can to accomplish that.  You put their happiness before your own.  You are responsible and always get things done.  You will always help a friend, even if the results turn out bad for you.  You tend to be forgetful, but everybody loves you.  You are Kai!
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13th-Sep-2009 01:30 pm - Another Wonderful Birthday~
Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH
Happy Birthday Miyavi! ~


Your'e amazing. I love you.

10th-Sep-2009 08:54 pm - WHAT
Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH
I know I read unhealthy amounts of fanfiction and I come to know most all of my favorite authors by name but I'm flipping the FUCK out.

Anyone know chibi_ruki? Who writes the most amazing fics ever?

I don't know if anyone had noticed but she deleted her journal and I'm so worried oh gosh.
I hope she's alright.

I'm really sldknfskhfhn I don't even know.

I reread her fics on a monthly or yearly basis and ah man.

I don't know why I'm all teary eyed over this. FUCK. jksdgb;jsdf

6th-Jul-2009 04:05 pm - SHOUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP
Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH

Oh, you so ghei.

29th-Jun-2009 12:58 am - WAT?!
Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH
I made a twitter.

Add me.


Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH
I only cut around  twenty-two people. A handful were dead journals and blank journals and most were ones that haven't even been around in more than a year or so. I also cut people that I think I have never talked with once.

If you friended me for my fanfictions, that's fine. You can friend me. Keep me friended if I've taken you off my list.
All my fanfics are public so it's not like I'm gipping any of you on that.

I just had to do this for me.

So please don't be offended if I cut you. You can friend me back, but some of us don't share the same interests anymore.
15th-Apr-2009 12:37 pm - An Cafe Live Report! 8D
Hiroto || Sexy Tangerine UNH
To start off the morning I woke up at 6:00am but because my parents were taking me AND going into the venue with me, we left Monterey at around 8am. Because of a little traffic, we arrive at Slim's at 10am and I went up to the line and immediately saw that I was closer than I was for the Miyavi concert in May [which then, I arrived at around 9am. Oh well.]. I figured it was because it was a Tuesday and most were at school, highschool kids like me, so the ones that were there were allowed to be there. Or not. I could be wrong.

I was there mostly because my birthday is next week on the 20th so, this was my present! 8D
First off, I met a very nice girl from Canada and walked her a few blocks down to a grocery store to use the bathroom after I got a number written on my hand to keep people in order. I was #31~

Here are some pictures of the line!

Later in the day they were bringing in equipment! 8D

Teruki's Drum.

Stuff. ;D

Anyways, later on in the day, I met a group of people next to me in line and I made friends! There was Erin, Lyndi, Tara and Lydi's sister that I didn't catch her name but she was cool too. We had a lot of fun talking, shielding eachother from the horrendous WIND. My GOD. It seriously felt like it was going more than 30 miles an hour. D<  I shared a blanket with Tara near the last few hours before the venue opened at 7:30pm.

Pictures with them. 8D

Myself and Erin.

Myself and Lyndi.

Myself and Tara.

SO IT OPENED. And we went inside and showed them that we had no cameras on us and the stamps on our hands. My mother ran to the merch booth and bought stuff while I ran to the bar to the far right next to Saru! 8D We both hung out and talked while people flooded into the venue and we were gonna try to let no one squeeze between us and to back eachother up if people were going to shove stupidly. THEN THEN THEN, THE LIGHTS WENT OUT BEFORE WE KNEW IT.

Immediately I screamed. Obviously. One by one, Teruki, Yuuki, Kanon, Takuya and Miku came out onto stage. By yelling my lungs out for each of them in turn, I was left with almost no voice but I managed to maintain myself through the initial shock and delight of seeing them on person again but CLOSER than the San Jose performance at Fanime. I could touch the stage from over the bar with my fingers. That's how close. 8D

I was in front of Takuya and Yuuki the whole time. Cherry Saku Yuki began to play and I was just in HEAVEN. XD It was probably the pent up emotion and hard work of standing outside the whole entire day to get a front row spot like I did. Miku's voice was sorta difficult to hear over Takuya's guitar and Kanon's bass but at times, I could hear him perfectly and man, his voice is GORGEOUS. XD;

Overall, I remember songs that played but only some I remembered what was happening in each. It was like a whirlwind of everything all the time. In Duck no Magical Adventure, the Donald Duck hand puppet appeared. I was LAUGHING so hard. Miku put up Cookie Monster too and I was all 'OMFG OMFG HE'S NOT OMFG' cause, I fucking love cookie monster. But obviously when the crowd yelled more for liking Donald more, they all SIGNED Cookie Monster and threw him into the crowd. Sadly too far away for me to reach. D;

Then he began to ask if people liked 'San Fransisco boy or An Cafe boy more.' ....the answer too is obvious. AN CAFE BOY! ;DDD
So Miku then brought up Donald like it was his penis and was shaking it around going 'Pewpewpew!' into the microphone to screams of laughter and joy and utter shock. Then he proceeded to 'climax', 'soften', and then 'go up' again with the Donald Duck puppet.

During Orange Dream, I was crying. ;O; It was only after the third or fourth song, but that song ALWAYS GETS ME. And I thought it was odd cause only my right eye wanted to cry. ;>-> But while they were singing, I tried to sing along but ya know. It's hard to do. So I tried to smile and sway with the crowd and Miku and Takuya looked at me a bit and probably understood the tears for being happy ones. ;>___> I felt REALLY embarrassed. More that they SAW me crying rather than crying in front of a whole bunch of fans.

Throughout the rest of the concert, Miku's little shirt came untucked and you could see his little bellybutton! 8D It was adorable. He gave the whole crowd in the front a LOT of attention. During a song, I forgot which, he started to gyrate on the poles, like he wanted to pole dance and then crouched in a squatting position and proceeded to let the crowd grope the HELL outta him. XD;  When he did it right in front of me....welllll...I think I'll just say it's the most I've ever touched a Jrocker in my LIFE. >/////<;

Especially when he was spitting water in the crowd. I thought he was just going to do it on one side but OH NO. He went across the stage drinking, spitting, showering EVERYONE with water. Miku came up in front of me and Saru, put his foot on the railing and leaned forward so far, he was right up in our faces and SPIT AND SHOWERED ALL OVER ME AND SARU. I had to blink back water from my eyes to see him. I was you know, touching his thigh and leg and once touched his bottom but someone had surged behind me and knocked my hand that way. Then since he was there so long, I touched his chest hesitantly and my hand went up by his face and he had had his mouth open and was licking people at one point, he licked my FINGERS. XD!!!!sadljnsdlnsjlkdnhdkhnskdhnekh

Well now that I've talked about Miku a lot...;>___> He and Yuuki did this rap thing to eachother and Miku tried to grab at his crotch many a times and I'm sure that they hugged and went separate ways. I had tried to touch Takuya's knee but I was about a fingertip's length away and I was like, 'NO NO NO I'M SO CLOSE!' but right when I thought I couldn't do it, he bent his knee forward and my fingers brushed his knee! I was so happy I pulled my hand back, covered my face and screamed and stomped my feet. Saru was THOROUGHLY amused with how I was acting. XD; Later I touched Takuya's hand, and Miku's knee through his sequin pants that had ripped at the knee.

At the encore, I was SO SO ecstatic for really, there are only a handful of An Cafe songs that I know by heart. Like BondS and Smile Ichiban Ii Onna! 8D What a coincidence that they were the two encore songs! I was screaming out the lyrics the best I could and Kanon and Takuya switched sides a lot so I touched the bottom part of Kanon's bass and his knee and the tip of Takuya's guitar when I could. ;D  It was RAD.

And the part where Miku came out and he had his zipper down, I dunno if it was on purpose or NOT but when someone pointed it out, he smiled and looked around, opening the the hole wider so people could see inside and then he slowly, oh so slowly zipped it back up. what a little SLUT. XD;

Miku's broken up English at the in-between songs was my favorite. ESPECIALLY when each member said a few sentences in English! I can only remember bits and pieces but the BEST was Kanon. He said, 'Hello everyone! I'm Kanon! I'm Japanese Otaku!' Everyone screamed right? And after that he was all, 'KAAAAAAA MEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!' and everyone SCREAMED SO LOUD MY HEAD FELT LIKE EXPLODING. XD;asdonhrehjnehlk Takuya introduced himself and asked 'Do you like An Cafe?' And everyone screamed 'YEEES!' and he asked 'Do you like An Cafe?' twice more to louder screams.

Once the VERY LAST SONG, the 'special song' as Miku said, it was Smile Ichiban Ii Onna of course, was OVER, he was so so so happy! Along with the rest of the band. He asked everyone 'Do you want to take a picture with An Cafe?' And I was like 'OMFG NO NO WE AREN'T!' more in disbelief not because I didn't want to but we proceeded to take the trademark picture at the end of the tour with the band on stage. I WAS SO HAPPY ASDNALSND even though I don't think I'll be in it really. ;O;

After the picture was taken, they all put away their instruments and came around touching hands! I patty-caked Takuya's hands which were soft, and held onto Yuuki's hands for a moment. When Kanon walked by, he put his hands out to touch people but I clasped it between both of my hands and shook his hand and bowed my head slightly and he smiled at me really big and I felt like collapsing!!jsdfb kgb XDD;

Then they left. But oh MAN was I happy. Just everything, all the emotions, the physical contact, the physical PRESENCE of the band and the closeness of the concert and how intimate it felt.

Of course I made a lot of new concert buddies. 8D
That I'm happy for. <3

The one thing that got me kind of angry was the amount of pushing. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT'S AN CAFE AND THEY'RE OMFG AWESOME UBER COOL ETC ETC ETC, but seriously, it wasn't even this bad at the Miyavi concert nor the LM.C concert. It MAY be because they're a five man band and people have their favorites, but it hurts to wake up with badly bruised ribs and black and blue knees. Not to mention sore Kidneys. D;  stupid tweenies and feeling entitled to pushing through to get spots.saldkfnals

Lalalalaalala. I'm happy. Happy Early Birthday to meeee. ~

EDIT; So my parents came in with me right? Well they stood on the very left next to the speakers and Kanon. When Miku came by hitting people on the head with the squeaky hammer, he looked at my mom and dad, didn't hit them on the head and continued hitting the girls in front of them all over again. XDD;
And they said that Miku looked at them sort of oddly, my parents are 50 and 57, and then smiled at them widely and stuff. Kanon also looked at them with a smile and nodded to each of them. I thought it was so great cause it made me think that they were trying to be as respectful to the older patrons in the venue as they could even though they couldn't really say anything. 8D

My parents had a good time. They always do. They actually like An Cafe's music and Miyavi's music a lot seeing as how they stood at both of the concerts the entire time with their arms around eachother's shoulders swaying to the beat while I was on the complete other side of the venue having the time of my life.

Sooo many people were all, 'YOUR PARENTS ARE SO COOL, MINE HATE JROCK AND WOULD NEVER DO THIS FOR ME.' I sort of realized today and yesterday night that my parents are pretty fucking awesome and I love them more than anything. <3

ANOTHER EDIT; There wasn't much about Teruki right? Well it was because he was back there drumming the hell outta that drumset. Also when he came out after the concert was over, he walked up and down the stage blowing kisses I think and smiling. But he didn't touch anyone at all. I'm not sure if it's because he's not used to crowd interaction or he has a personal space issue.

Oh well. No one was forcing him. I was just a little sad that I couldn't touch his hand or something. ;O;

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